Accurate and reliable Solvency II data for the European Insurance sector

Solvency II Wire Data provides you with information about the European Insurance industry that has been meticulously scrutinised, validated and checked to provide significant insight into this sector.

Data from the Solvency II public disclosures of European insurers can be accessed from one database and used to understand the operating market and its competitors, shape organisational strategy and bring clarity.

This data is provided to you by Solvency II Wire – the experts in reporting and interpreting Solvency II across Europe.

Users of Solvency II Wire Data

Filtering the data

  • Search for a single or multiple insurers by country, line of business, capital model and use of LTG measures.
  • Create charts and filter by any field in the QRTs
  • Quickly view selections in interactive tables
  • Filter solo entities based on group structure

Exporting the data

  • Export the data for selected or all companies in all major currencies or home currency
  • One-click group structure export
  • Create custom reports based on any cell in the QRTs
  • Add market data: EIOPA and NCA country totals and averages
  • Export company LEI to link with existing databases


  • View Quantitative Reporting Templates (QRTs) alongside SFCR
  • Compare two copmanies side by side
  • Set a validation threshold and view validation errors at source.
  • Search SFCR reports

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